Topographic Surveys

Boundary Resolution

A topographic survey is basically a two dimensional drawing representing a three dimensional surface. It is a “picture” of the existing site conditions.

 Topographic surveys can run the gamut from very precise to very crude. What the survey will be used for will dictate the level of precision and the surveying method that is utilized.

 If you are utilizing a topographic map to find your way while hunting or hiking, then having a map that shows the terrain features within 10-feet of their “true” location is more than accurate enough. But, if you are contemplating any new building project, greater accuracy is probably required.

 Once we know the intended purpose of the mapping, we will work with you to determine the best equipment and technique to prepare the mapping.

Depending on the requirements of the survey, the survey will be performed utilizing conventional surveying (total station), dual frequency GPS, photogrammetry or a combination of the three. 


A common mistake is thinking, “I don’t need a boundary survey I just want a topo survey”. But, if you are planning a new building or anything else that must comply with city/county setbacks, you will need a boundary that is accurately oriented to your topographic map so that you can demonstrate to the local agency that you are in compliance with the building code.