Construction Staking

Boundary ResolutionConstruction staking starts with the office staff checking the plans for the site benchmark and supplied horizontal control to be used on the project. Once the control has been determined, the office staff will calculate the necessary information for the project based on the specific project needs, whether it is actual positions or offsets to features such as building corners. The office staff will generate a drawing of the site as well as a point list for the field crew.

The office staff will discuss the project with the field crew covering the control requirements, scope of work etc. Once on site, the field crew will attempt to recover the specific project control required for the staking. The field crew will compare the record data for the control to the field locations to verify the control points have not been disturbed. They will then set the required points for the project and mark them with lath noting the point description, offset if there is one and cut or fill on the front of the lath and the point elevation point number on the back of the lath.