Scope Of Work

Our typical approach to any project is to first identify as clearly as practical not only the size and scope of the project but the intended final application of the data. The intended use and at times some unintended uses often dictate the type of survey and precision of the product.

Is the mapping being produced going to be utilized for GIS application or right-of-way acquisition? Both are valid and necessary types of mapping projects but are driven by entirely different criteria. Developing a GIS base map by applying the standards of boundary / right-of-way surveying would be very expensive and in all likelihood unnecessary. Conversely to acquire property based on GIS quality mapping could yield disastrous consequences. Understanding the needs of the client, the intended use of the product and National Map Accuracy Standards is critical to producing the appropriate level of accuracy for the intended application. We endeavor to design a project approach that will accomplish the project goals without the expenditure of unnecessary resources.

Sierra Surveying has found that the best approach to a project is to foster a “team” environment, where clear communication is ongoing throughout the project between the design team and the surveying members. Clear and timely communication regarding team rolls, as well as expectations on both site requirements and timetables help expedite the project and minimize expenses.