Plymouth Mountain Interagency Facility

Plymouth MountainThis project proposes to develop a new administrative site on National Forest System lands and build an interagency facility to enhance the capacity of housing and improve operations in support of land management activities.

Two federal employee housing units would be constructed approximately 5000 square feet in size to house up to 20 employees each; the facility would be constructed to existing approved BLM and FS facility plans and specifications.

A Forest Service workshop of approximately 5,000 square feet would be built and may include storage for equipment and supplies and a meeting room.

An approximately 6500 square foot operational center would be built and include office and work space for BLM’s Silver State Hotshots.

Build FS and BLM covered, lighted and secured parking for fleet and employee vehicles.

Access would primarily be along Hobo Hot Springs Road through a drive way directly into the facility. Harris Hot Springs could be improved for access to this facility and for adjacent land owners and easement could be issued.

The site would have native and fire resistant vegetation to conform to the surrounding area. The perimeter of the facilities would be fenced with a low visual fence to deter unauthorized access.

The existing 0.72 acre administrative site located in Minden Nevada could be restored to native surface. This may include removing all equipment, building, concrete pads, fencing, and decommissioning utilities.

Source : USDA Notice of Proposed Action. December 11, 2009