Fish Springs Ranch

Fish Springs RanchProject Details
The Fish Springs Importation project has been scaled down to 8,000 acre-feet annually from 14,000 acre-feet that was proposed in the 1980s. Vidler believes the current project is well within the safe sustainable yield estimates of the Honey Lake Groundwater Basin.

Regional Advantages of Importing a Water Supply to the North Valleys from Sources other than the Truckee River
Importing from another source adds to the regional water supply. Using Truckee River water for future development in the North Valleys reduces the regional water supply and available water rights and further impacts the river.

Water Quality and Water Rights requirements on the Truckee River system currently require an additional .5 acre-feet of water rights dedication for every 1 acre-feet of use. Using Truckee River water to meet community master-planned demands in the North Valleys will require an additional 4,500 to 5,500 acre-feet of water rights dedication. This would negatively impact the Truckee River and Truckee River water resources and instream uses.

If imported groundwater can replace existing Truckee River water going to the North Valleys, potentially 1,500 acre-feet per year could be added to the instream river flow, enhancing water quality, fish habitat and protecting the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake ecosystems.

Imported ground water could allow for the return of up to 4,300 acre-feet to the Truckee Meadows Basin water supply, through protection, and provide additional instream benefits to the Truckee River.

Total cost to implement the North Valleys project is estimated to be less than replacing the 50-year-old Stead water main. An additional source of groundwater would enhance the area’s emergency water supply.

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